Mexican scrambled Eggs. Corn Quesadilla

This is my fave breakfast of all time, well it usually end being brunch on a weekend. It’s so fresh and the quesadilla is a total game changer. Boring breakfast are no more! You can add pretty much anything into your quesadilla but I like the hot melted cheese and the crunch of the corn. I find tinned salad corn is best as it’s super crunchy. You can also add bacon I tot he quesadilla or chorizo or for the veggies out there you can used smoked paprika.

Serves 2


4 eggs

5 cherry tomatoes

quarter red onion

half a green jalapeño

small handful green pepper

two tortillas

good wedge of cheddar to you preference.

Half a tin of salad sweet corn

handful of coriander

a little oil for frying or butter



  • Finely chop all ingredients. Get two large frying pans. You need one for the tortillas and one for the eggs. Add the oil to one frying pan add the onion first fry for a minute, remove from pan. Add the eggs cook until scrambled, low and slow is best. Once nearly cooked add all the chopped ingredients including the onion.
  • Put it a tortilla in the pan on low medium heat add cheese and corn cover with another tortilla this will take a few minutes to colour but make you watch it, some burn quicker than I others. Flip it cook for a minute or two, play wit up and sprinkle with fresh coriander and jalapeño.


you can cook some bacon until crisp, finally shop and sprinkle over the eggs


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